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2012 – And we have the opportunity to help make history.

Update – February 25, 2012
The World Health Organization has removed India from the list of polio endemic countries.

January 13, 2012 – It has been one year since the last reported case of polio in India.

January 17, 2012 – Rotary International, and Rotarians worldwide, achieve the goal of raising US$200 million to match US$350 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for the final push to End Polio Now.  The Gates Foundation adds another $50 million.

February 2012 – A team of 20 Rotarians from district 6440 (Illinois USA), 6270 (Wisconsin USA), 5650 (Nebraska USA), and 1070 (UK) will be in India to immunize hundreds of children in the Moradabad area and also participate in a Polio Summit Conference involving Rotary leadership, government and health ministry leaders from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, and surrounding countries.

We will share our photos and experiences here.

Richard Rivkin, Team Leader
Rotary Distict 6440 Assistant Governor
Rotary Club of Northbrook Illinois Past President


17 Responses to Welcome to our blog

  1. Karen Sobel says:

    Six of us from District 7260 in Long Island New York are participating in the NID on Feb 19 also. We will be hosted by Delhi Rotarians and will also participate in a Friendship Exchange. We look forward to meeting other Rotarian volunteers.

  2. nid2012india says:

    We look forward to meeting other teams coming to India for the National Immunization Day. Richard

  3. Charlotte Ogorek says:

    I’m thinking you have just arrived–tired, excited anxious to get on with your work. Congratulations from here on in it’s easy and so rewarding!

  4. Pat Ahern says:

    Travel Safely!

    Pat Ahern, Park Ridge

  5. Arrived safely, survived the 15+ hr flight. Some sleep then off to meet w World Health Org to get the scoop on the NID logistics.
    Karen mb

    • Rosemary Justen, Schaumburg/Hoffman Estates says:

      Glad your travels were safe and now you can focus on the task at hand. Can’t wait to hear all about your fulfilling experience. Best regards, Rosemary

    • Gayle Vandenbergh says:

      Be safe Karen, we will be following you on this blog and will be anxious to hear about the good work you will be doing. Thank you for being such a wonderful Rotarian!

    • Candice Milstein says:

      Think about you and your adventure every day. Be safe and have fun. Looking forward to your updates. You’re the best!

    • Jack Bishop says:

      What you and your team are doing is tremendous and makes a difference in the lives of many. Congratulations. Jack

    • Linda Frank says:

      Enjoy the adventure. Looking forward to hearing more about all the good work that is happening where you are and seeing all the pictures when you return. Hugs. Linda and Jeff

    • Cathie says:

      Hi Karen, Very proud of you and all in Rotary!
      Cathie (Ireland)

  6. Charlotte Ogorek says:

    Waiting anxiously to see pictures, hear stories, all the nitty-gritty from the days so far. How’s the hotel? How’s the food? Lots of fun in the market????

    We back home think of you often. Ellen, the Symphony is going well. PDG Bill gave me some cookbooks to share on Sunday evening. It’s in very capable hands.

    Wishing you safe days ahead.

  7. Gillian Wolf says:

    To all of you:

    Travel safely, enjoy the wonderful work you are doing, and have fun with all the fascinating new people and places you’ll be meeting this fortnight.
    Gill Wolf (friend of Jackie Granat)

  8. Sandhya says:

    You must be really busy…..Delhi is really exotic

  9. NID Team, Great to know that on Rotary’s 107th anniversary, you were doing what Rotary does, improving the human spirit!

    Thank you for your service.

  10. charlotte says:

    Awesome news! I’m certain DGE Mike will make the announcement today at the concert. How wonderful that you were there to hear it in person!

    Safe travels as you return home.

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